Chill out!

I had an aim this year.  It was to post a foreign-language music track every day.  This was an aim due to the fact that the first time I attempted this in 2015, I didn’t make it due to…well, circumstances (and people) that are no longer worth discussing .

I have not completed my task this year either, and the other day I was a bit annoyed with myself for not doing it.  But then I thought, should I be?  Really?

I started thinking instead about what I *have* achieved this year.  I have been busy in other areas: I have started a new blog, I have been learning more about being vegan and how to cook nutritious meals, being introduced to fabulously entertaining and intriguing films by my lovely partner, travelling, and preparing to move.  To be honest, I have not been listening to as much music as usual because I have been so busy!

So, my promise to myself is to complete my Advent Calendar again this year during December, and then start again next year.  I have finally signed up to (and been shown how to use!) Apple Music, so I can now listen to whatever music I like, and I fully intend to catch up with some more excellent tunes from around the world.

I think that will do.  Sometimes, you just have to be kind to yourself 🙂




Just saw this on Facebook (thanks, @GeorgeTakei!). 

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I find languages so fascinating. The similarities, the differences, how languages travel and how they evolve…and how humans communicate. Make the effort to learn to communicate with people who speak a different language to you – your life will be richer for it! 😊

Glen Campbell

Sad to hear about the death of Glen Campbell.

But when I think of him, it makes me happy. Happy, because of the absolute joy his music has brought me throughout my life. Happy, as I try and sing along (badly!) to the deep bits in ‘Galveston’, or thinking about his TV show and the duets he did with other great people. He was a special, talented man, and he has left so many songs that mean such a lot to so many people.

Being a foreign-language music blog, I had to choose a track by him in another language. This is the theme to ‘True Grit’, sung in Spanish. He acted in this film too. What a talented gentleman!

28th May 2017: The Plugz – Hombre Secreto

The Plugz – Hombre Secreto
Language – Spanish
Translation – Secret Agent Man

I’m back! I’ve had a few weeks off rather than a few days. Shit happens, huh? I managed to visit my mum for her (big) birthday and see two of my aunties, one of my cousins and my brother, which was brilliant! Also, my landlord has sold my flat so I’ve been sorting stuff in preparation for our move. Moving is stressful, but it focuses one’s mind on what is important. So, *lots* of stuff is going out! Clothes I no longer wear, fabric I bought but never got round to making anything with, gifts that no longer mean anything – all off to the charity shop / Ebay! 

In a quieter moment we were watching ‘Repo Man’ yesterday, which has an awesome soundtrack, so I have chosen this excellent track by The Plugz today. I shall catch up with the days I’ve missed over the next week or so keep coming back to see what I’ve chosen 😊.

Nothing to do with foreign-language music at all, but I saw ‘Colossal’ the other night – this is the new film by Nacho Vigalondo, and it features Anne Hathaway and…a giant monster. Oh, and a big robot.  If you have seen his film ‘Timecrimes’, you’ll already know that the guy is a genius, and this new film is fantastic! I would suggest you go and see it at your earliest convenience! Nice music too composed by Bear McCreary. 

18th April 2017: Daisy Door – Pop Corn

Daisy Door – Pop Corn
Language – German

One day I would like to have a DJ evening where I just play all the different versions of Popcorn. This version is particularly nice, and I especially like the surprise ending. I think I shall have to investigate Daisy Door further!

FYI, “Bitte bleib bei mir” means ‘Please stay with me’ (I knew the A-Level German would come in useful one day!). There are so many versions of this song with totally different lyrics, it’s an enigma wrapped in a conundrum…

17th April 2017: Batzorig Vaanchig – Morin Khuur

Batzorig Vaanchig – Morin Khuur
Language – Mongolian 
Translation – The Beautiful Steppe

There is so much that is truly awesome about this song. From what I can gather, it seems to be a song filled with pride about being Mongolian, and what a great country it is. The throat singing is fantastic, and I really want to learn more about the history of how that came about as a song form because it is fascinating. The fact that this man is sat on the top of a mountain, with the country, *his* country, stretching out behind him, just adds to the whole event. And the lady watching him…I wonder who she is? 

16th April 2017: Gilberto Gil – Ela

Gilberto Gil – Ela
Language – Brazilian Portuguese
Translation – She

Is there no end to this gentleman’s talent? I adore Gilberto Gil’s music, and the joy and happiness expressed in this love song is infectious! 

From the 1975 album Refazenda.  Lyrics (in Portuguese) here:  Worth translating, they are simple and so beautiful.