Just saw this on Facebook (thanks, @GeorgeTakei!). 

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I find languages so fascinating. The similarities, the differences, how languages travel and how they evolve…and how humans communicate. Make the effort to learn to communicate with people who speak a different language to you – your life will be richer for it! 😊


Glen Campbell

Sad to hear about the death of Glen Campbell.

But when I think of him, it makes me happy. Happy, because of the absolute joy his music has brought me throughout my life. Happy, as I try and sing along (badly!) to the deep bits in ‘Galveston’, or thinking about his TV show and the duets he did with other great people. He was a special, talented man, and he has left so many songs that mean such a lot to so many people.

Being a foreign-language music blog, I had to choose a track by him in another language. This is the theme to ‘True Grit’, sung in Spanish. He acted in this film too. What a talented gentleman!