28th February 2015: Les Papyvores – Psychedelique badge

Language – French

Translation – Psychedelic Badge


27th February 2015: Prúdy – Abraka dabraka

Language – Slovak

Apologies!  Due to extreme tiredness / old age I fell asleep last night and didn’t post a song. Oops!

OK, never mind, I shall post two songs today instead.  Here is the first song.  The vocals at the start rather remind me of a particular episode of The Mighty Boosh.  And it ends really suddenly – a DJ’s nightmare!

http://www.pavolhammel.sk/index.php  /  http://www.marianvarga.sk/

24th February 2015: Los 5 Diablos – El fuego

Language – Spanish

Translation – The fire (the band name translates as The 5 devils)

The video accompanying this song is rather amusing, especially as some of the lyrics remind us that ‘fire destroys everything’.  DJ Esperanto cannot, however, condone the burning of tiny little Lego figures.  Those cute little faces!  The lovely hands that clip onto other Lego bricks!  Anyway, I digress…this song rocks, and deserves a lot more plays on YouTube than it currently has.  Let’s, er, make it viral, or whatever it is the kids do these days. Y Viva España!

23rd February 2015: Zudrangma records – Loy Krathong

Language – Thai (I think?)

Translation – Hmm, not really sure today.  There is a page on wiki here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loi_Krathong) about a festival to do with the full moon and the Thai Lunar calandar, where people make really lovely, decorated handmade baskets that they float on a river.  I am guessing that this song is a super disco celebration of this festival?  Disco celebrations will always have my seal of approval…

I don’t know who this song is by, but ZudRangMa Records (http://www.zudrangmarecords.com/) looks like a fabulous website I shall be returning to, credit card in my grubby little hand!  Anyway, I shall endeavour to find out more information about this track because it is ace. Er, how many Thai Baht’s to the Pound?


22nd February 2015: Barış Manço – Dağlar dağlar

Language – Turkish

Translation – Mountains, mountains

Epic Turkish folk legend Barış Manço with a beautiful track.  Now I know what the title means I think I like it even more than I did already.  A great man, sadly missed.

More info on this fans website here: http://www.barismancomix.com/ (in Turkish)

Official Twitter page here: @BarisManco_

20th February 2015: Los Stop – Cuando Tiempo He de Esperar

Language – Spanish

Translation – How long can I wait (according to Google Translate – not sure about this, so if anyone knows Spanish please let me know 🙂 )

I love Cristina, the singer with Los Stop.  She has such an amazing, punchy voice, and this is probably my favourite song that they did.  I especially enjoy the ‘Chipmunks’ style vocal additions that pop up throughout the song – nice contrast!

There is a website for Cristina (or Cristina Stop, as she now calls herself).  As you might imagine it is in Spanish, but hey, it is pretty easy to translate.  Yet another super singer who was involved with the Eurovision process.  And there are some fantastic photos on the site too.  Anyway, have a look here: http://www.cristinastop.es/

19th February 2015: Chui Wan — Another Kind of Love

Language – Chinese (awaiting confirmation on which particular language…)


Happy Chinese New Year to you all!  Today is a special day, the start of the Year of the Goat (or possibly Sheep, if you are a Westerner and choose to distinguish these things. Goat?  Ram? Sheep? I’m sticking with Goat…) .  Anyway, because of the Chinese New Year I decided to pick a track from a Chinese band.  I think I may have found a New Favourite Band, because today’s band, Chui Wan, are just amazing!  I was interested in whether the sort of music we listen to in the West is (freely) available in China, and it seems that there is rather an interesting and thriving indie scene in Beijing.

I intend to do some more research into this and in the near future I will write a post about the bands to look out for.  Meanwhile, enjoy today’s track.  I have.  Many times 🙂

More info about Chui Wan here: http://maybemars.org/index.php/artists/chui-wan/?lang=en