16th September 2015 – ABBA – Waterloo

Language – Swedish

ABBA singing in their native language, and some rather helpful lyrics are included in this video so we can all sing along too!


15th September 2015 – Marie Laforêt – Et si je t’aime

Language – French

Translation – And if I love you

This is a gloriously funky version of the song ‘Sunday Morning’, written by Margot Guryan.

Today is my birthday.  Or should I say it was, as I am writing this at the end of September 🙂

9th September 2015: David Bowie – Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola

Language – Italian

Translation – Lonely Boy, Lonely Girl

English-speaking artists usually learned foreign lyrics by rote.  Someone would ‘translate’ the lyrics, and a native speaker would probably help them with pronunciation and how to sound authentic in their chosen language.  David Bowie was not happy, apparently, when he discovered that the beautiful Italian lyrics he was singing had nothing at all to do with his vision of one man’s feelings of isolation and despair following a tragic space disaster, but instead dealt with a rather sad (and earthly) tale of lost love.  I still really like this version though, and he does an admirable job with the language.

http://davidbowie.com/   @DavidBowieReal