8th October 2015: Les Ya Toupas du Zaire – Je ne bois pas beaucoup

Language – French

Translation – I do not drink much

I think I must be in a bit of a dancing mood this week.  I was talking to someone the other day about why I can’t dance to dance music.  You know, like Techno or something of that ilk. Mechanised or totally computerised beats just don’t really make sense to me. This though…this, I could dance to all day if I had to.  Or, indeed, if I chose to.  It is a subtle difference.  In theory, it has a repetitive beat, a (guitar) motif being repeated over and over.  But, I think because I know that actual people are playing those guitars and an actual person is drumming, it makes a world of difference to me.



5th October 2015: דרורה חבקין-קח את ליבי

Language – Hebrew

Translation – דרורה חבקין = Drora Havkin (artist), קח את ל יבי = Take heart, or possibly Take my heart (song title)

Interesting article here about Ariel Nishri, the son of Drora Havkin, and how Jewish / Arab musical collaborations are quite a common thing: http://www.israel21c.org/making-peace-through-jewish-and-arab-musical-roots/

30th September 2015: Floating Flower – ふわふわ

Language – Japanese

Translation – ふわふわ (Fuwa Fuwa) translates as fluffy!  Awww…

Floating Flower were a band that were a pre-cursor to the mighty Acid Mothers Temple.  I am not sure if these are just vocal noises from Yuki or actual Japanese words, but I like it, it’s my blog, and so it is on here!

29th September 2015: Captain & Tennille – Por Amor Viviremos

Language – Spanish

Translation – We will live for love

I love this song!  The English version (Love Will Keep Us Together) always reminds me of listening to Terry Wogan on Radio 2 in the 1980s.  Of course, at the time my brother and I used to try every trick to distract my mum so we could change the radio to Radio 1 as Terry Wogan was not, in our eyes, terribly cool. But, now I am glad as my musical knowledge was greatly enhanced by this awful trauma.  I always thought that Captain and Tennille was a strange name for a group…