29th June 2015: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – PonPonPon

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – PonPonPon

Language – Japanese

I have put this song up today for your consideration.  J-pop is a huge phenomenon in Japan, and I suppose I wanted to try and understand what it is that makes it such a popular music genre.  There is a strange human / anime crossover that is quite fascinating.  This song from 2011 is catchy and poppy and repetitive in a cutesy way, but it is the video that I find most interesting.  The relentless bombardment of imagery, most of which is decidedly odd!  I am getting John Waters and The Residents and a hint of Carmen Miranda…I am not sure whether I should just embrace its fabulous over-the-top-ness or whether I should genuinely fear for the youth of Japan.  Probably best that you don’t watch this just before you go to bed…but it’s brilliant!

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28th June 2015: Tet Somnang & Meas Samon – Khnyom Jah Karate

Language – Khmer

Translation – I know Karate

Fuzz-tastic stuff here from Cambodia!  Every time I delve into the music from this region I am not disappointed.  Loads more to discover though!  This track has fantastic drumming 🙂 Apparently, it’s from a film called ‘I’m 16 Years Old’ (‘Chnaum Oun 16’).  So now I need to check that out too.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

27th June 2015: Tappi Tíkarrass – Hrollur

Language – Icelandic

Translation – Chills

You may recognise the singer here! Tappi Tíkarrass were an Icelandic punk / post-punk band operating in the early 80s.  Björk would have been about 16 or 17 at the time this was recorded in 1982. Pretty cool!  She has a staggeringly unique voice, but, strangely, it sounds right for whatever style of song she sings. Quite a talent.  I think she’ll do ok… 😉


26th June 2015: Lena Machado – Kauoha Mai

Language – Hawaiian

Translation – The Keyhole Hula (again, I am not sure if this is a direct translation)

How lovely is this?  Some fabulous vocal gymnastics going on, which, combined with that beautiful guitar sound, makes this a gorgeous and evocative tune.  Love it!   There is an interesting blog here (https://amykstillman.wordpress.com/2010/06/08/playlist-songs-of-lena-machado-introduction/) that tells us a little more about Lena MacHado and the distinctive yodelling-style of singing that she utilised.

25th June 2015: Mariarosa – So Che Tu Non Cedi

Language – Italian

Translation – Sock it to me baby (not sure if that is a direct translation…)

Record Collection Week has ended now.  Something I may return to later in the year…

So, today’s offering is a jaunty Italian pop ditty, which happens to be a rather good cover of the song ‘Sock It To Me Baby’ by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels (see video below).  I prefer the Italian version, personally…sorry Mitch!

Record Collection Week – Day 10: 24th June 2015: Maurice Pop / Lilian Atterer – Weil ich so sexy bin

Language – German

Translation – Because I’m so sexy

Maurice Pop took groovy music to a whole new level.  Here, he has Lilian Atterer explaining, I suppose, through the medium of song, what it was like to be Miss Germany 1968.  Apologies for the video.  Thankfully we have moved on considerably from when those poor girls were filmed suffering such indignities.  Luckily we are now in the year 2015, a time of enlightenment when a woman is no longer judged solely on her looks…oh…what’s that? We aren’t?  Ahh…


Record Collection Week – Day 9: 23rd June 2015: Karina – Romeo y Julieta

Language – Spanish

Translation – Romeo and Juliet (no, really…).  The translation on the back of the album is ‘Romeo and Julia’, which I really like!

Apologies, the sound goes a little bit odd in the middle of this video. But never mind that, what the heck is going on here then?  Death-defying walking through fencing dudes in tights (I was a little concerned about the guy on that wobbly table…), an excess of dry ice, and strange cross-century transformations?  This song is ace –  I think I bought the compilation album this song is on in Barcelona.  Kind of a ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ of its day…


Record Collection Week – Day 8: 22nd June 2015: Marlene Dietrich – Je Tire Ma Révérence (Live)

Language – French

Translation – I take my leave

There are numerous reasons to love the wonderfully enigmatic Marlene Dietrich.  Here, she is singing a gorgeous song by Jean Sablon about saying farewell.  The lyrics are here (http://lyrics.wikia.com/Marlene_Dietrich:Je_Tire_Ma_Reverence) for those of you who fancy translating them.  Ms Dietrich has the most amazing voice.  I am aiming for that kind of sound when I am a little older…



Record Collection Week – Day 7: 21st June 2015: George Mgrdichian – Aley Giva

Language – Israeli (the song title is Israeli – this is an instrumental)

Translation – The Hill

I do like this album cover.  George, just sat there with his oud.  I am not sure how an oud is tuned differently to a guitar, but it sounds a bit melancholy. I wonder if you can get double-necked ouds? I think I need to do some research…



Due to circumstances blah blah blah etc., I have got a little bit behind with the old blog posts. I will catch up over the next few days. Sorry, folks. Bear with me, please 🙂

In the meantime, here is one of the most disturbing record covers I own. Why has that poor tiny child been left in a Latvian recording studio with a load of microphones and balloons? Ponder that while I sort out my blog…