31st January 2017

Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo
Language – Somali

I love foreign-language (which means non-English to me) music. I have previously mentioned how searching through boxes of battered 7″ vinyl at a flea market, or tracking down out-of-the-way record shops (oh, Istanbul!), is a kind of holiday heaven for me (along with visiting galleries – always the art!). When it comes to music, there are people who have made an art-form out of tracking down the obscure, the joyous, the rare – the music that you don’t just ‘find’ in an average day trawling around a new city.

Thankfully, these people also enjoy sharing. I have music websites I return to, because I know that the tunes on offer will all be quality. Today’s track is from the most excellent Awesome Tapes From Africa (I follow them on Facebook), and it’s just fantastic. I have had to stop dancing so I can type (harrumph – someone really needs to invent a machine for that!), and I just know you will love this song too. These guys are well-informed, not just about the music but also the historical and political context in which the music was made. So, this is educational as well as awesome! I strongly suggest checking out what they do – details below. 

Twitter: @awesometapes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/awesometapesfromafrica/

Web: http://www.awesometapes.com/


30th January 2017

Los Americans – Probemos otra vez 
Language – Spanish
Translation – Let’s try again

Mexican band Los Americans with a great Beatles-inspired tune, imploring a sweetheart to try again because their love was great. I hope it works out for them. Sometimes, however, it’s just best to walk away…or, indeed, dance away, using some of the excellent moves on display here. I’m stealing some of them, definitely 🙂

Lyrics in Spanish here: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Los-Americans/Probemos-otra-vez

29th January 2017

Chantal Goya – Tu m’as trop menti
Language -French
Translation – You lied to me too much

Song from the Jean-Luc Godard film ‘Masculin Féminin’, about the age-old story of a man who told lies to get what he wanted. Don’t worry, Chantal, they’re not all like that 🙂 

Lyrics in French here: http://lyrics.wikia.com/wiki/Chantal_Goya:Tu_M’as_Trop_Menti

Information about the film here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculin_Féminin

28th January 2017

Bāo měi shèng – Catch The Loach (包美聖 – 捉泥鰍)
Language – Mandarin (Bāo měi shèng is from Taiwan, and the majority of the population there speak Mandarin, so my assumption is that this song is sung in Mandarin. Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong!)

As today is Chinese New Year, I thought I would choose something in a Chinese language today. She has a lovely voice, and this is an adorable song about going fishing for loach. I also like how on the record cover Bāo měi shèng is promoting cycling. One might assume that she is a fan of outdoor pursuits!  

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!
恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財 (Gōngxǐ fācái) – this translates as ‘Happiness and prosperity!’
In Mandarin: /gong-sshee faa-tseye/
In Cantonese: Kunghei fatchoy /gong-hey faa-chwhy/

27th January 2017

Rita Pavone – Viva la pappa col pomodoro
Language – Italian

Wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone performing with so much energy whilst singing about, er, porridge. This is fabulous! I found a video of Rita Pavone singing an Italian version of ‘If I had a hammer’…the way she was dancing and wielding the aforementioned implement, I’m not sure I would have let her loose with it. Anyway, this tune is upbeat and cheery and about tomatoes, so it gets my vote 🙂

Lyrics here in Italian and English…they seem rather odd, but I’m going with it!: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/viva-la-pappa-col-pomodoro-hurrah-tomato-porridge.html

26th January 2017

​Madan Mohan – Inspector Eagle
Language – Hindi

I need to find out more about Inspector Eagle! It was a comic! (Picture from here: http://parishi26.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/inspector-eagle-corpse-in-fridge.html)

It was a radio show! It was a film too! From muvyz.com:  “Based on the popular radio series programme, the film tells of an enigmatic egocentric detective police inspector and his alter ego Havaldar Naik and their Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson like series of adventures in solving baffling murder mysteries.” Sounds amazing! Crime dramas are my thing, and the prospect of seeing a film with an Indian version of Sherlock Holmes is rather exciting! I need to track this down!

The mighty Asha Bhosle is the magnificent singer on this tune 🙂

25th January 2017

Ennio Morricone / Bruno Nicolai – Metti una sera a cena 
Language – Italian
Translation – Think about a night at dinner

I don’t think I have to reiterate just how much I love Ennio Morricone, or how he makes his fabulous music sound so effortless. This song will stick in your head in a beautiful, dreamy way. It will inhabit your waking moments. You will try to sing along, but fail. My suggestion? Ennio and Bruno did the hard work, all you need to do is listen…

24th January 2017

Mona Wessman – Gå och göm dig, Åke Tråk
Language -Swedish

I found this video, and was intrigued that there might be a Swedish equivalent of ‘Open All Hours’. Mona Wessman sang this song in a Swedish competition, Melodifestivalen 1968, and came third. It’s a jaunty ditty, but why she is singing it in a shop with a bunch of old fellas, I have no idea 🙂

23rd January 2017

Grupa ABC – Chce ci dac zachwyconych oczu blask 
Language -Polish
Translation – I want to give you my admiration

Groovy Polish pop today. It reminds me of an easy-listening tune, but I can’t remember the name because I have a memory like a sieve! Anyway, it’s Monday so we need some uplifting music – have a little dance to this before work 🙂

22nd January 2017

Sansimar – Indang Pariaman 
Language – not sure! Indonesian? Malay?

From the Sublime Frequencies release ‘Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol.1’. No idea what year this song was originally released, and I know nothing about the band or the song. It’s just beautiful. Listen 🙂

Sublime Frequencies website here: http://www.sublimefrequencies.com/