I am DJ Esperanto (otherwise known as Jen), and I am on a mission here in the UK to share my love of (mainly) vintage foreign-language music with the world.  Every day during 2017 I will be posting a video of a track I love. I tried (and failed!) to do this all through 2015, so now I’m having another go.

This blog is where a list of the chosen daily tracks will be archived, plus further information will be periodically added – this may manifest itself as biographical details about the chosen artists, general musical ramblings, or personal musings about the perils of getting comedy sunburn while rooting through cardboard boxes of 7-inch singles at flea markets…

I would love to hear from anyone else who loves foreign-language music, or from people who live in other parts of the world who are happy to suggest artists I should be checking out. I have finally worked out how to add a ‘Contact’ page, so you can now send me a message using that. Don’t be shy, get in touch! Feedback, thoughts, constructive criticism, ideas…or just a ‘Hello!’ from your part of the world…all welcome 🙂

Follow on Twitter: @djesperanto

Email: djesperanto@hotmail.com


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