31st July 2015: Yajaira – Nada

Language – Spanish

Translation – Nothing (‘Yajaira’ is apparently the Hebrew word for ‘precious’)

There is a huge rock scene in Chile, where Yajaira hail from.  This Grunge / Rock epic has definite hints of Black Sabbath which, as a Brummie, pleases me immensely.



30th July 2015: Tom Tom Club – L’Elephant

Language – French

Translation – Elephant

I have had this album for a very long time, and this is one of my favourite tracks, with its multi-Weymouth vocals and Eno-esque rhythm track.  The lyrics are underneath the clip on the YouTube page.  Not sure why this song popped into my head this week…maybe because of Cecil the lion?

http://www.tomtomclub.com  /  @tomtomclub

29th July 2015: Chicha Libre – Popcorn Andino

Language – Spanish

Translation – Andean Popcorn

‘Popcorn’ is one of my favourite tunes. Ever!  Finding a version that is sung **in Spanish** has made my day!  Sorry, Anarchic System, I think this is my new favourite version…their version is below for comparison.  Please note – Anarchic System are a French band, but their version is sung in English.


28th July 2015: Ubon Pattana with Surin Paksiri – Lam Sarawan

Language – Thai

Translation – Sarawan Dance

To me, musically, today’s offering is reminiscent of some modern songs, but the vocals (by Angkana Khunchai) take it somewhere else, both geographically and time-wise.  I am finding it wonderfully soothing, and I can’t help wondering what the dance referred to in the title might be like…


27th July 2015: Airut – Tiennäyttäjä

Language – Finnish

Translation – Pacemaker

After all that Brazilian loveliness we need some riffage!  I like this very much – it’s Finnish Power Metal 🙂 This has been a year of musical discovery for me, it’s very exciting!  Whether there is a direct correlation between metal / cold / darkness and samba / sun / beach?  I shall leave you to think about that, dear reader…

26th July 2015: Novos Baianos – Brasil Pandeiro

Language – Brazilian Portuguese

Translation – Brazil tambourine (?)

As you may have already worked out, I have a real soft spot for Brazilian music. Another thing I like is bands made up of loads of people who look like they’re having a great time!  So, this ticks two boxes!  I have added a live video of the same song underneath – the sound is not as good, and it ends rather suddenly, but it is heart-achingly, gorgeously cute!

24th July 2015: Trettioåriga Kriget – Kaledoniska Orogenesen

Language – Swedish

Translation – Band = 30 Years’ War, Song title = Caledonian oregeny (I know…what the heck is that?  Stuff to do with the formation of mountains.  Learn about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caledonian_orogeny)

Swedish prog rock?  Oh yes…I think my work here is done!  You’re very welcome! 🙂

http://www.trettioarigakriget.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trettio%C3%A5riga-Kriget/117593910500  

23rd July 2015: Трио Българка – Мъри Станку

Language – Bulgarian

Translation – Band = Trio Bulgarka, Song Title = Muri Stankou, which translates as ‘Hey, Stanka’

I bought this album many years ago after hearing Trio Bulgarka played on John Peel’s radio show. This track was my favourite, as I loved the overlapping musical motifs.  I haven’t heard this for years!  Not sure what made me think of it today…

22nd July 2015: Celia Cruz – No Mercedes

Language – Spanish

Translation – No mercies

This week has been pretty awful, for one reason or another.  I was walking to the bus stop this morning and this song came on my iPod.  Whether it was the relentless rhythm or the beautiful vocals I am not sure, but this song just made me want to go on a very long journey…

When I got home I thought I would have a look on YouTube for this track, and even though it is pretty low quality, I love this particular clip as it is Celia Cruz performing on a TV show.  Her joy and enthusiasm and that gorgeous sparkly dress have cheered me up no end.  Also, she looks like she is standing on a huge slab of agate, or something like that.  Good effort!