28th May 2017: The Plugz – Hombre Secreto

The Plugz – Hombre Secreto
Language – Spanish
Translation – Secret Agent Man

I’m back! I’ve had a few weeks off rather than a few days. Shit happens, huh? I managed to visit my mum for her (big) birthday and see two of my aunties, one of my cousins and my brother, which was brilliant! Also, my landlord has sold my flat so I’ve been sorting stuff in preparation for our move. Moving is stressful, but it focuses one’s mind on what is important. So, *lots* of stuff is going out! Clothes I no longer wear, fabric I bought but never got round to making anything with, gifts that no longer mean anything – all off to the charity shop / Ebay! 

In a quieter moment we were watching ‘Repo Man’ yesterday, which has an awesome soundtrack, so I have chosen this excellent track by The Plugz today. I shall catch up with the days I’ve missed over the next week or so keep coming back to see what I’ve chosen 😊.

Nothing to do with foreign-language music at all, but I saw ‘Colossal’ the other night – this is the new film by Nacho Vigalondo, and it features Anne Hathaway and…a giant monster. Oh, and a big robot.  If you have seen his film ‘Timecrimes’, you’ll already know that the guy is a genius, and this new film is fantastic! I would suggest you go and see it at your earliest convenience! Nice music too composed by Bear McCreary. 


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