31st March 2017: Hülya Süer – Şeker Oğlan

Hülya Süer – Şeker Oğlan
Language – Turkish
Translation – Sugar Boy

Oops…should have posted this yesterday, but I was out having a lovely time 🙂

This is lovely! I have neglected Turkey for too long – I really need to have a proper investigation of Turkish 70s pop music…

That amazing instrument you can hear is a bağlama, a long-necked stringed instrument similar to an oud (I really like the word ‘oud’).  Fascinating information about that here (including the important details about tuning, which is different to most Western tuning e.g how we usually tune guitars): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bağlama. The expert playing here is Arif Sağ. 


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