28th February 2017: Kenji Kawai (川井 憲次) – Making of Cyborg

Kenji Kawai – Making of Cyborg (from Ghost In The Shell OST)
Language – Yamato

I saw this film last night, and was struck by the haunting music at the start of the film. So, I thought I would use it as today’s tune.

There is some info below, taken from the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Wikipedia page – I took a bit out as it was a spoiler!  I noticed the Bulgarian influence, which slightly confused me at the time, but this makes more sense now:

Composer Kenji Kawai scored the film. For the main theme, Kawai tried to imagine the setting and convey the essence of that world in the music. He used the ancient Japanese language of Yamato in the opening theme “Making of a Cyborg”. The composition is a mixture of Bulgarian harmony and traditional Japanese notes; the haunting chorals are a wedding song sung to dispel all evil influences…..Kawai originally wanted to use Bulgarian folk music singers, but used Japanese folk singers instead.

Before the film we saw a trailer for the 2017 live-action adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson as The Major, so I am intrigued as to how that will turn out. Much was made at the time of casting that Scarlett Johansson is, clearly, not Japanese and there were claims of Hollywood ‘whitewashing’, and using a better-know actor to increase profit, but the counter argument is that there is an interesting discussion around the theme of identity when the character has a human cyber-brain within (at different times) various cyborg bodies, so you could argue that who plays the part is not as critical.


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