13th February 2017: Le Couleur – Femme

Le Couleur – Femme
Language – French (the band are French-Canadian – from Montreal, Quebec)
Translation – Woman / wife

Well, this is a bit modern for me!  A song from 2013?  But, thankfully, the video (by David Dean Burkhart) shows lots of women from the 1960s dancing and having fun, including our own dear Twiggy (…and relax!).  As you know, I usually prefer to listen to music from last century, so I don’t usually share songs that are up-to-date, but I am always happy when I find lovely new tunes like this.  My aim is to now catch up with Le Couleur’s new album, P.O.P.!

Also, on the day that Justin Trudeau met Donald Trump, this is one for the French-Canadians!

FB: facebook.com/lecouleurmusic
Twitter: @le_couleur
Label website: http://lisbonluxrecords.com

Article by Michael-Oliver Harding / @olivermtl (which explains the band name thing – I know you guys notice these things!): https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/le-couleur-interview-2015


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