Music from Libya: update

After sending a speculative tweet to Libyan Youth Movmnt (@ShababLibya) for Libyan music suggestions, they very kindly got back to me with some fantastic choices, which I have added below.  Their Twitter page says who they are: “We are young Libyans in & outside Libya inspired by youth of Egypt & Tunisia doing our best to help rebuild our country”.

It is easy to focus on the negativity caused by Trump and his travel ban.  My aim in looking at the countries he deems problematic when regarding entry to America is this: focus on the positive instead.  Look at the courts in the USA who are using legal routes to block the travel ban and its victimisation of, and disruption to, people from these countries who just want to travel, e.g. to reunite with family, or to continue with their studies.  Look at what we can all learn from the millenia of culture, history and traditions these countries have. Look at how so many of the people living in these countries are fighting against oppressive regimes (a bit like the USA at the moment…), but they remain united, precisely by using that history and culture, and those traditions, to move forwards.  I am a white female living in the UK. I like writing about music, and I am not an historian, or a political expert. I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the Arab Spring, or civil wars. But the phrase frequently being used in America at the moment – Build bridges, not walls – is one I like, and one I am going to live by. Trump’s attempt at a blanket ban of people from a particular country or religion is a dangerous road to go down, and he would do well to get off Twitter for a moment to consult his History books on that.

Enjoy the music, and thanks again to @ShababLibya for taking the time to share their musical choices with us all.


I apologise for not putting the details for some of these videos, but I can’t copy the artist names / song titles from YouTube using my phone. I’ll sort it when I get home…

Ahmed Fakroun – Helwa Esorah

The following songs were described to me as protest songs:

Khaled M. featuring Lowkey – Can’t Take Our Freedom

Ibn Thabit – Calling The Libyan Youth

Salah Ghaly – Libya Wo Bas

The Tea of Freedom song

Dania Bensassi – Emaghasn



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