8th February 2017: Music from Somalia

General information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_Somalia


Waa Ayaan ba Ayaan – Cabdillaahi Qarshe (عبدالله قارشي)

Have also seen this artist’s name spelt as Abdullahi Qarshe.  He was known as the ‘Father of Somali music’.  He was a poet and a multi-instrumentalist, playing the lute, guitar, piano and oud. He was also a member of the pioneering Somali musical ensemble Waaberi.


Hibo Nuura – Sabab Kale Ha Moodin (Google translates this as ‘Do not think for a moment why’.

Hibo Nuura has the most beautiful voice.  She sang in the band Waaberi, and has had a career spanning fifty years.  She moved to America (Minnesota), and then back to Mogadishu in 2014.  According to Wikipedia, after taking part in a global teleconference call she was persuaded by Somali mullahs to give up singing accompanied by music, as apparently this is ‘haram’.  I read an article where, tragically, her fellow band-mate from Waaberi, Somali singing legend and recent member of Somali parliament Saado Ali Warsame (I urge you to investigate her music too) was killed in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu by the militant group Al-Shabab (http://www.startribune.com/somali-activist-singer-remembered-in-minnesota-for-her-bravery/268515562/).  I can only imagine how much losing her friend would have affected Hibo Nuura, and her own desire to carry on singing, regardless of who else was trying to persuade her to stop.  I do not wish to cause any offence by posting this song, but someone with such a gift should surely be allowed to share it with us?


Mohamed Saleebaan Tubeec – Heestii Waqti (Google translates this as ‘Download Time’ – apologies if this is wrong…)

This song is epic!  It’s not great quality, and the tape goes a bit wonky at the end, but it’s an absolute joy to listen to.  I have seen the name of this artist spelled this way too: Mohamed Sulayman Tubeec, or Maxamed Saleebaan Tubeec.


Classic Somali Folk, Funk & Disco of the 1970’s & 1980’s

I was so happy when I found this on YouTube!  There are some amazing sounds here, and it is about 45 minutes long – bonus!  Funk and disco is right up my street, so you will have to excuse me while I go and have a dance 🙂


If you like Somali music, you may also like to listen to my post from 31st January 2017: Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo.  It’s a brilliant song!


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