2nd February 2017

Arielle Angelfred – Cauch’mar bizarre
Language – French
Translation – Strange nightmare

Synth-poptastic! A chance encounter for Arielle – everything has gone wrong for her today! Apologies for the delay, I fell asleep on the sofa watching the 10 o’clock news. Hopefully I won’t have a ‘cauch’mar bizarre’ now!

**Spoiler** The word ‘cauchemar’ always reminds me of Anthony Perkins in the film ‘Murder On The Orient Express’, when he is pretending to be Mr. Ratchett shouting out in the night (thereby setting a time when Ratchett is ‘alive’ when in reality he has already been murdered). The error is that Ratchett didn’t speak any foreign languages. It’s fine, Poirot sees right through that 🙂

Lyrics in French ici: http://www.bide-et-musique.com/song/9761.html


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