21st January 2017

Альянс – На Заре
Language – Russian
Translation – (Band) – Alliance
                           (Track) – At Dawn

Today I watched the film ‘Hardcore Henry’, an amazing action film by Russian director Ilya Naishuller which is filmed from a first-person perspective using a Go-Pro camera. At the start it was a bit like playing a computer game – you can’t see the face of Henry, but can see if he raises his hands, for example. But it was so much more than just a film version of an RPG…crazy, intense, violent, mind-blowingly OTT…just the best fun! As well as being a really great film, the soundtrack is pretty cool too, and I chose today’s track as it features as part of the musical backdrop to the non-stop action.

The video for this track, from 1987, is rather endearing, mainly for the shots of the audience. Check out the guys singing along! 


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