16th January 2017

Jean-Pierre Ferland – Le Chat du Café des Artistes
Language – French

Well, this track is one of my favourites on the Charlotte Gainsbourg album ‘IRM’, yet I hadn’t realised it was a cover. It’s great when that happens! I thought it was Charlotte and Beck being clever. But now I have a whole new world, the musical world of Canadian Jean-Pierre Ferland, to discover. If it all sounds as good as this, then I’m in for a treat! That choir, man! This track is from his 1970 album ‘Jaune’, which I shall be getting my hands on asap! M. Ferland should be in charge of writing the next Bond theme – who do we need to petition to make that happen?

More information about M. Ferland ici: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/en/article/jean-pierre-ferland-emc/

Lyrics in French here: http://www.parolesmania.com/paroles_jean-pierre_ferland_67362/paroles_le_chat_du_cafe_des_artistes_1155188.html


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