Day 18 – Y Bandana – Mins Peis a Chaws

Language – Welsh
Translation – Mince Pies and Cheese
Today, we have a fun, upbeat, youthfully enthusiastic look at Christmas from Y Bandana. They have lots of snow to play with in the video. I’m jealous! Loving that keyboard sound too (reminiscent of The Undertones). I can’t find the lyrics, so if anyone knows what they are please let me know. I’m catching stuff about family, food and drink, and Sean Connery (!?), so I imagine it’s about a traditional family Christmas, but that’s a guess, and I would love to know what they are *actually* singing! I read that the band had decided to call it a day this year, but they seem to have other projects on the go, which I shall follow with interest 🙂

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