Day 9 – Marisol y Mocedades – Happy Christmas

Language – Spanish

Groovy Christmas wishes from Marisol and Mocedades today, with a reminder that while Christmas is a joyous time there are people who are suffering, and that we should not forget to help them. According to Wikipedia, this song has never been released on single / CD, but was shown on this Spanish TV programme from 1969. I would argue the lyrics are still relevant today (see a section below – thanks to Google Translate again!)

Christmas, happy Christmas,
For the suffering men.
Gold, frankincense and myrrh,
For the little Jesus.

Christmas, happy Christmas,
For another better world.

Lyrics in Spanish here:…/happy-christmas-marisol-mocedades-laur…

Info about Marisol here:

Info about Mocedades here:


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