Record Collection Week!

I was trying to find the album that appeared on yesterday’s post (15/06/15) to take a photo of it, so I started looking through my records.  They are not currently in any order.  They never have been.  This meant that it took me ages to find what I was looking for.  During my search, I found some foreign language records that I had ‘forgotten’ I owned.  I started pulling them off the shelves, putting them to one side.  Suddenly, a light bulb lit up above my head!  Bingo!  I decided to have a week of choosing tracks that I already own!  Might run to a fortnight, I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.  So, officially, this Record Collection Week started yesterday!

Note: I am usually quite an organised person.  I think I got the fear about ordering my records after seeing the film ‘High Fidelity’.  I may have been distracted by John Cusack.  Needs to be done at some point though.  I s’pose…


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