13th June 2015: Os Haxixins – Meu Bem

Language – Brazilian Portuguese

Translation – Honey

I was trawling through Brazilian psychedelic tunes on YouTube last night, and happened upon this gem.  Os Haxixins are a modern band, but they seem to have accurately captured the 60s Garage aesthetic (see the boots in the video below! Man…).  The keyboard player has one of the best haircuts I have seen in ages! Anyway, I like them very much.  Bands that have their photos taken up a tree will always go down well in my book!  Looking down from a tree, or looking up from a grave.  Both are good.  It’s all about perspectives, isn’t it?  Being brave enough to look at things from a different angle.  I bet they regretted carrying that massive keyboard around the streets in the second video though…that would have been heavy (I know from experience!).

https://www.facebook.com/pages/OS-HAXIXINS/232294130161414  /  @oshaxixins


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