10th June 2015: Osamu Kitajima – Tengu

Language – Japanese

Translation – A type of legendary Japanese creature – see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu

Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.’.  Thanks for the advice, but I am a girl and today I have gone East, to discover the brilliance of a track by Osamu Kitajima, with its hint of metal guitar sounds combined with traditional Japanese musical motifs. This is so good! Yet again, I have stumbled into a world of which I know virtually nothing, but with a huge excitement at what I am going to discover.  I love doing this blog!

Interestingly, Osamu Kitajima performed under the rather excellent pseudonym Justin Heathcliff after moving to the UK in 1971 and making a solo album.  I had heard a track by him many years ago on one of the excellent ‘Love, Peace and Poetry’ albums (the Asian compilation) – it is all making sense now!  I love this track – you can tell by the charming way he pronounces words that he is not a native English speaker when he sings…that’ll teach me to read the sleeve notes!

The website of Dr. Osamu Kitajima: http://www.eastquest.com/


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