31st May 2015: Baaba Maal – Daande Leñol

Language – Pulaar (I think…)

Translation – Google Translate has not been helpful with this today.  I shall ask around…I am not actually sure if ‘Daande Leñol’ is the name of the song or the whole band.  Help needed today 🙂

This is ace.  I am loving the fact that amidst all of the traditional instruments and clothing, Baaba Maal is sat on a swivel chair and using it to very good effect!  What a beautiful voice!  And what are those instruments that the other two super-talented chaps are playing?

This week I have been quite sad, as I have realised that my knowledge of music from African countries is very poor.  On a positive note, this means I have lots of excellent music to catch up on, and artists to discover.  I am very pleased about that 🙂



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