29th May 2015: Mahmoud Guinia – La Ilha Illa Allah Samawi

Language – Arabic

Translation – There is no God but Allah (according to a few things I have looked at – always pleased to have someone who actually knows what they are talking about to correct me though…)

Oops!  For various reasons, it has been a hard week.  I got home last night, had a glass of wine and woke up on the sofa after midnight in the dark as my TV had turned itself off.  Brilliant!  So, here is the track for yesterday with apologies for the delay.  But then, hey, you get two tracks today!  There will be another one along in a bit…

This song is so cool, so simple, but just beautiful.  I am really enjoying the repetitive and rhythmic nature of the tracks I have put up this week.  I have found them quite calming, musically speaking. Maybe that’s why I keep falling asleep!  Anyway, this track is by Mahmoud Guinia (or Guinea, or Guenya, or Khani, or Gania – various spelling choices there…), who is a fabulous proponent of Gnawa music in Morocco and he plays a Guembri (or Sintir – details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintir), which he makes sound amazing!  I have an idea – shall we all just go to the next annual festival of Gnawa music in Essaouira?  Yeah, let’s!


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