26th April 2015: Theme from ‘Mon Oncle’ – composed by Franck Barcellini

I have chosen two instrumental tracks today, and I have very personal reasons for doing so.  My lovely dad died ten years ago today, and he adored the film Mon Oncle. My dad introduced me to the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, and Jacques Tati, and the films of Jean Renoir.  My parents took me and my brother on holiday to the Basque region that spans the Pyrenees, and helped us understand the importance of retaining and respecting different cultures.  We had many amusing food incidents where what we ordered in shops or restaurants was not what we thought we had asked for due to lack of language knowledge (particular memories of half a kilo, instead of a quarter of a pound, of garlic sausage that seemed to last for ever!).  Exciting forays into the world of cidre in Normandy.  Drinking Fundador brandy whenever we went to Spain. Just a fantastic introduction to our world, and the beginnings of a curiosity for finding out about countries and regions that developed and has never left me.  I consider myself a very lucky person. My dad wasn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t have changed him for anything. And these tracks are for him x


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