20th April 2015: キセル – 近未来 (Kicell – Kin-mirai)

Language – Japanese

Translation – Near Future

Oh, this is just beautiful!  After about six listens, I am now in a state of extreme calm. I shall be checking out more music by this excellent band (which was formed by two brothers, Takefumi and Tomoharu Tsujimura) and I heartily recommend that you do too!

Official website: http://www.nidan-bed.com/ (there is a helpful link to an English language section on this site)

Thank you to Derrick Rossignol for introducing me to this group through his article on foreign language bands here: http://mic.com/articles/28806/kicell-4-foreign-language-bands-americans-should-care-about  /  https://twitter.com/drossignol10


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