17th April 2015: Covers Week – Day 5: Lotte – Dans Med Mig

Language – Danish

Cover – Dancing Queen (Title translates as ‘Dance With Me’)

I can’t remember where I bought this single. But I can remember how excited I was when I got it home and realised what a great cover of ‘Dancing Queen’ it was. Also, I do remember thinking, with hindsight rather unfairly, that our Danish songstress bore more than a passing resemblance to Paul Young….

Anyway, I believe this is the first Danish track I have put up on my blog. Note to self – investigate more Scandi pop. Oddly, despite being an avid reader of Scandinavian crime fiction (currently working my way through the excellent ‘Martin Beck’ series by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö), I have neglected to put as much effort into a forensic examination of the music of that region.

Also, I am aware that this is the second Abba cover I have shared with you this week, but…well, it’s Abba, and Abba rock, so there it is. We shall have no arguments about that, thank you!


http://www.lotte-riisholt.dk/index.html (in Danish)


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