13th April 2015: Covers Week!

This week I have decided to share some songs that are covers of tunes you probably know really well.  But they have been released in a different language, and in some cases in a very different style!

While non-English-speaking countries around the world have just been getting on with their own type of music in their own languages, it cannot be denied that English / US music has had an influence.  I am particularly fond of bands that obviously started because they heard a song by, say, The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, but then went on to create something unique and showing influences from their home country.  I thought it was about time that I celebrated that 🙂

At some point this year I also intend to have a week of tracks by British artists that are sung in foreign languages, in a blatant attempt to cash in on the European market a wonderful show of appreciation for the support shown by fans in Europe and around the world.  But first things first…


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