9th April 2015: Runa Laila – Tera Mera Sath Hai

Language – Urdu

Translation – You have my support (according to Google Translate – assuming the song is song in Urdu..)

I have an album called ‘Runa Goes Disco’.  It is one of my favourite albums, because it has a disco feel and really lovely, squelchy keyboard noises.  Also, Runa has the most beautiful voice, honed from years of singing soundtracks for films.  This track is one of my favourites. On the b-side of the album is a marvellous track called ‘Shabaz Qalander’, which from what I can gather is a traditional song (a Qawwali – a form of Sufi devotional music) from a poem (I have also seen the title written as ‘Dama dum mast qalandar’).  It takes up the whole of Side B.  I would have put that up, but the version I wanted to share was not on YouTube.  It is here though: http://darkmp3.ru/album-runa-sings-shahbaz-qalandar-8064363.html.  The second link on this page has the same version of the song that is on my album, and if you want to listen to all 23 minutes of it, I promise you will be highly rewarded!  Assuming you like disco-y, squelchy keyboard noises as much as I do, that is.  I have played a section of this amazing song when DJ-ing once.  My ambition is to play the whole thing one day 🙂



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