25th March 2015: Edip Akbayram – Mehmet Emmi (1976 ilk Version)

Language – Turkish

Translation – Uncle Mehmet

I love Turkish rock music from the 1970s.  I especially love Turkish rock that has phased instruments, or whatever the heck they have done to that guitar to create that super noise about 3 minutes in!  It reminds me of the magnificence of R.D. Burman at the height of his pomp…but, I digress.  This song has a super, relentless, plodding beat, and the joy is that you can sing along without knowing any Turkish.  I went to Istanbul once, and nearly made a bar man die with laughter at my absolute insistence in asking for two beers in probably the worst Turkish he had ever heard.  Well, you have to try, don’t you?

Not speaking Turkish very well, if anyone can tell me anything else about this track I would love to know as I am struggling a little with the research v. language barrier…


UPDATE: I found a translation of the lyrics.  Seems Uncle Mehmet wasn’t a good bloke…

Uncle Mehmet

Is a couple of oxes enough?
Aha Uncle Mehmet
Is this a good way to live?
More, Uncle Mehmet

Kids won’t sleep
Aha Uncle Mehmet
Hungry people can’t sleep
More, Uncle Mehmet

This field is a drought field
Aha Uncle Mehmet
Push more, more
More, Uncle Mehmet

Ten children eat barley
Aha Uncle Mehmet
Authorities don’t know about this
More, Uncle Mehmet

Uncle Mehmet is shameful
Aha Uncle Mehmet
I swear it’s not a lie
More, Uncle Mehmet

Let’s go to the court
Aha Uncle Mehmet
Sad Sherrif has come
More, Uncle Mehmet

Taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/mehmet-emmi-uncle-mehmet.html#ixzz3VQbEEjKy


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