18th March 2015: Poll – Άνθρωπε αγάπα (Anthrope agapa)

Language – Greek

Translation – Mankind love each other

Poll were a pretty important group in the late 60s / early 70s in Greece, made up of Kostas Tournas, Robert Williams and Stavros Logarides.  This track,  Άνθρωπε αγάπα, was a huge hit in Greece and tuned in with the hippie ethic of the time. It is considered the first protest anti-war song in the history of Greek rock.

I was thinking about Greece today as in the UK we had our Budget, which was full of the usual things that are considered to please the most number of voters, these voters being the ones who are required by a political party that would like to win another term in Government. It took me back a few years to a holiday in Greece, where I was lucky enough to witness first hand the peaceful demonstrations by people in the square outside the Greek parliament building in Athens, and their ongoing fight against austerity cuts. Today, I was sat looking at the internet, reading a list of all the things ‘given’ to us by our Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and it really made me long to live in the kind of country where people get angry about the fact that their amazing public health service is ‘secretly’ being privatised, incensed about the huge numbers of families who are so poor that they have to rely on food banks to feed themselves, furious that the services for elderly people and children and the vulnerable people in our society are dwindling away while bankers and politicians seem to get richer and companies avoid paying tax by using ridiculous legal loopholes that don’t apply to us mere mortals.

OK, this is a foreign music blog and I am ranting on about politics.  But so often music represents the time when it was made, and I think the track I have picked is most appropriate for now as well as the early 1970s.  I am feeling the love for the Greeks today…


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