17th March 2015: “An tÁdh ‘Nocht” le Daift Ponc (production from TG Lurgan)

Language – Irish Gaelic, or Gaeilge

Translation – Get Lucky

Happy St. Patrick’s Day / Shona Lá Fhéile Pádraig!  Because of this, and to salute my heritage, I decided to share a track sung in Irish Gaelic today.  It’s a goody!  And kind of a double whammy too, as Daft Punk are fabulously French…

Lyrics are on this website, if you want to sing along: http://songsinirish.com/pop/an-tadh-nocht-lyrics.html. There seems to be a huge enthusiasm here for helping young people learn this beautiful language, and I reckon translating songs that we all know into Gaeilge is a brilliant way of creating and sustaining interest.  Fun is the key to language learning!  Get dancin’, people!

http://songsinirish.com/   @TgLurgan


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