13th March 2015: Illés – Komm geh mit mir

Language – German (not sure why this is in German, as the band are Hungarian…)

Translation – Come walk with me

I am a sucker for a recorder in pop music – what a great sound!  Part of the reason I started this blog is because of songs like this – great music by a band who were huge in their own country (Beatles / Stones levels of importance), but not really known beyond their own borders.  I find that fascinating.  Obviously, bands that are important to me as someone who lives in the UK were / are known across Europe, but what interests me is how bands started up abroad and combined aspects of their own country’s heritage with what they were hearing from overseas.  Of course, it happens the other way round too – bands here in the UK were / are influenced by European bands.  I’m rambling now!  Hopefully that all makes sense.  It’s a great track, anyway 🙂



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