12th March 2015: Kent – Töntarna

Language – Swedish

Translation – The nerds

I have to admit, it is a little strange for me to see a band who happen to have the same name as a county in England, but these guys are massive in their home country of Sweden.  This is from their album ‘Röd’, (which means ‘red’), and was released as a digital download in 2009.  This video for me has overtones of ‘Clockwork Orange’ in the way that the people are dressed…

Personally interesting is that some of that album was recorded at the ‘Meistersaal’ in Berlin, which is a place I visited just the other day on a very fascinating David Bowie tour (thank you to the excellent Philipp!) – Bowie recorded there in the mid-70s at the famous ‘Hall by the Wall’ as the building is the home of Hansa Studios.

http://www.kent.nu/    @KentTheBand

http://www.musictours-berlin.com/bowie-berlin-walk    /    http://www.hansatonstudio.de/


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