19th February 2015: Chui Wan — Another Kind of Love

Language – Chinese (awaiting confirmation on which particular language…)


Happy Chinese New Year to you all!  Today is a special day, the start of the Year of the Goat (or possibly Sheep, if you are a Westerner and choose to distinguish these things. Goat?  Ram? Sheep? I’m sticking with Goat…) .  Anyway, because of the Chinese New Year I decided to pick a track from a Chinese band.  I think I may have found a New Favourite Band, because today’s band, Chui Wan, are just amazing!  I was interested in whether the sort of music we listen to in the West is (freely) available in China, and it seems that there is rather an interesting and thriving indie scene in Beijing.

I intend to do some more research into this and in the near future I will write a post about the bands to look out for.  Meanwhile, enjoy today’s track.  I have.  Many times 🙂

More info about Chui Wan here: http://maybemars.org/index.php/artists/chui-wan/?lang=en


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