11th February 2015: R.D Burman – Duniya Mein Logon Ko

Language – Hindi

Translation – (pending)

I cannot tell you how much I want to see ‘Apna Desh’, the film that this amazing clip comes from!  My interest in R.D. Burman began the day that the old Birmingham Library (http://keeptheziggurat.tumblr.com/) sold off their vinyl when they decided to stop loaning it out.  Entering a room with tables laid out with boxes of records, I quickly became aware that the majority of people there would trample over their own grandmother to get to the ‘best’ albums. After being jostled by one person too many, I looked in the only box I could get to without being physically harmed – this was a box of brightly-coloured Indian film soundtracks.  So I bought a few.  A decision I have never regretted…

Also, if anyone can translate the song title for me, I would be most grateful 🙂


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