3rd January 2015: Jacques Dutronc – Hippie Hippie Hourrah

Language – French

Translation – Hippie hippie hooray

My introduction to this track was when it was put on a mix tape for me years ago by my friend (@musicography). I love the laid-back air to this song, that amazing guitar sound and the way (in the song) he swaps his life as a beatnik to embrace his new-found desire to be a hippie. I always feel happy listening to it. I had not seen this video clip until recently, but just knowing that there were people at a place and time that made a TV programme that was so wonderfully psychedelic is amazing!

Jacques Dutronc always strikes me as having a rebellious air to him.  Which is a Very Good Thing, in my view!  I like that he was a huge pop star in France, and yet still managed to write such clever, witty and insightful lyrics. Also, while I was aware that he was the boyfriend of Françoise Hardy, I hadn’t realised that he was actually married to her and they had a child. I have so much to learn!



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